Cuticle & Nail Serum

This Cuticle and Nail Serum combines moisturising ingredients with the nourishing powers of avocado oil, jojoba, argon and natural germ inhibitors like tea tree, oregano, and vitamin E, to encourage more nourished and healthy nails and cuticles.

  • Hydrates, Conditions & Repairs. For All Skin Types.
  • Cuticle & Nail Serum, 30ml
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  • This formula is specially formulated to hydrate, nourish, protect, and strengthen nails and cuticles with a special blend of essential oils and germ inhibitors that may cause nail and skin infections.
  • A powerful nail and cuticle serum that transforms dry and damaged cuticles, and results in stronger, smoother nails with fewer ridges, less splitting, and brittleness in just weeks with natural germ inhibitors for healthy nails.
  • This serum oil offers immediately intense and persistent moisture for nails and cuticles, that absorbs quickly to deeply penetrate. It repairs even fragile, brittle nails prone to tearing and makes stressed, dry cuticles, smooth and healthy again. The serum is a plant-based complex of oils that increases the moisture level of the nails and cuticle. Blended with essential oils to provide soothing and calming properties.
  • It repairs irritated and dry cuticles and protects their natural moisture balance with the added benefit of inhibiting germs that may cause nail and skin infections.
  • Stimulates nail growth by creating a natural healthy environment.
  • Moisturises, restores, and softens dry, cracked cuticles and also Moisturising and nourishes the nail plate.
  • Inhibits germs that may cause nail infections while guarding against microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria
  • Non-greasy, fast and deep absorption, which improves cuticles and nails.
  • Can be used with nail/lacquer polish and artificial nails and perfect to use after manicure or pedicure.


Apply 1 drop onto the cuticles and massage into the nail and cuticle until absorbed. Can be used on others areas of the body. Massage into and around nails daily and nightly as needed. For severely dry cuticles apply frequently throughout the day. Can be used on overgrown cuticles to soften for easy removal. With polish lacquered nails or artificial nails only rub it onto the cuticle. Dropper application for aseptic application.

For all skin types.

  • Recommended for weak, splitting nails and dry cuticles